Viajera means traveller in Spanish and this collection of jewellery is, in some way, a reflection of my own personal silver journey around the world and the deep roots it has in Latin America.

I'm a self confessed jewellery addict and, as someone who loves really unique pieces, I've always been interested in making my own. My love of silver has come from many years working and travelling in Latin America - from working with a Mexican silversmith on a piece I designed myself, to finding myself deep in a Bolivian silver mine and buying up half the continent of this gorgeous metal!

I now have 2 boys and travelling is more limited, so I've combined everything I love: my background in anthropology, my passion for travel and my love of all things jewellery, to create statement pieces that I hope will give others that same great joy that I get from wearing my favourite items.

We are a sustainable artisan jewellery brand, inspired by people and places around the globe and given a modern twist.

As I like to have stand-out jewellery with a story, many of my pieces are one of a kind, but form part of a collection that is inspired by a specific country or culture.

You'll find that the overall style of my pieces balances rough cut gemstones in delicate finished items. The result: statement pieces that will stand out even when worn casually.