Care Instructions

Many of the items I make use rough cut gemstones. I love the rawness of their beauty and the natural, organic sparkle. However, this does mean that they're a bit more fragile than industrially processed materials so you will need to look after them properly. 

Where especially fragile stones are used, the jewellery will be posted in recycled bubble wrap - I recommend keeping them in this when you're not wearing them.

Sterling silver will have a tendency to tarnish, even Argentium sterling silver. Especially if you've got perfume, suncream, mosquito repellent etc on at the same time. However, a quick rub with a silver polish cloth should have them looking as new again.

Please don't use any polishing liquids on the Argentium sterling silver as this will remove the natural coating of anti-tarnish properties.  This mainly relates to the earrings.

Ideally store all sterling silver in an air tight container to avoid tarnish.